Watchman says thanks and Merry Christmas

Wow! What an incredible five months.

It was back in the summer – late July, actually – that Michael Clements, Jeremy Smith and I somehow all stumbled upon the same idea at about the same time. That idea was more of a realization that while there will always be a need to cover and report local news – as indeed there will always be a public hunger for information – the methods of delivering that news are changing as rapidly as this technology-blitzed, visually-stimulated, instant gratification-obsessed world in which we live.

From this realization was born The West Alabama Watchman – your fast, free online source for local news, sports and public information. Equally remarkable as our stumbling upon the concept is the fact that we also stumbled across each other. We joined forces, noting that – given some overlap – each of us brings a different area of expertise to the table. We rolled up our sleeves and set about giving West Alabama a solid, viable and attractive news product – one that would also provide advertising and marketing opportunities for local entities.

From the outset, we’ve striven to make this project about the community and not about ourselves. It’s true that the three of us have been a part of Marengo County for a combined 62 years and have a solid half-century of journalism, IT and photography experience, but our hope and intent is that those backgrounds will be used to provide this community the voice it deserves for many years to come.

What you see before you could not have happened without the tremendous response from our readers and advertisers. This area has always struck us as one that’s not afraid to try something different, to keep an open mind and to embrace new opportunities. That’s why it is so gratifying to be a part of something like The West Alabama Watchman. Yes, we’re “keeping watch on our community” but we ask – no, insist – that you keep watch on us as well. Let us know how we’re doing and ways we can better serve you.

For all the reasons outlined above, and more, West Alabama Watchman’s managing partners take this joyous time to wish you and your families a heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and to thank you for allowing us to be a part of this great community.