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Photo of the Day: Oct. 26, 2014


Troy University long snapper Taylor Polk and South Alabama guard Steven Foster share a moment following Friday night’s game between the two Sun Belt Conference schools. Polk and Foster were offensive line mates at Demopolis High School.

Demopolis alum, Troy football walk-on earns scholarship

Polk_Taylor_14Taylor Polk is a walk-on no more. The red shirt sophomore at Troy University is now on scholarship as the No. 1 long snapper on the Trojans’ roster.

“Excitement, joy, surprise, happiness,” Polk said of what he felt upon learning that he would spend the 2014 as a scholarship player for the first time.

Polk earned the chance through his work during his red shirt season and as a member of the scout team in 2013.

“Well, the other two snappers graduated and the coach always told me to wait four semesters and if they had one available, they’d sign me,” Polk said of his ascension to the top of the depth chart.

The moment stands as the payoff for the decision Polk made in the spring of 2012 when he opted to walk on at Troy and try his hand on the special teams unit.

photo(4)“I knew I had a shot of starting right away if I showed them I was the one,” Polk said of his decision to take his chances with the Trojans. “I also had a few ties with some of the coaches, players, and staff. My sister, Ashley, goes here too. Also, (Demopolis High coach Tom) Causey knows the special teams coach well and he helped me out too.”

The last two seasons near the bottom of the roster have proven challenging for Polk, a player who was a four-year starter at Demopolis High School.

“I’ll be honest, they weren’t very fun. knowing that you have to wake up and do the same stuff or even more than the other players did was tough,” Polk said. “Doing all of that knowing I was not getting to ‘cash my check’ at the end of the week really took its toll on me. Yes, there were many instances were I wanted to quit and move on, but I knew Causey would kill me and I would have to live with that forever.”

Trying as it may have been, the experience has strengthened Polk, helping to prepare him more fully for the days that lie ahead in one of the Sun Belt Conference’s marquee programs.

“I’ve learned to fight on and not to quit,” Polk said. “We athletes have two jobs: go to class and play a game. What more could an athlete ask for? Perseverance is the key to success. I’ve also learned that the old cliché’ saying is true, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ God is No. 1 and there isn’t anything that He can’t handle, so give all of your worries to him and it will all be OK.”

Taylor is the son of Eddie and Stephanie Polk. He is the brother of Ashley, Allison and Abbey Polk.