Sharpe joins hospital’s HIM department

pic - HIM (sharpe)Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital’s Health Information Management Department (HIM) realizes the importance of staying up-to-date from a technology standpoint.

“We are continuously working to expand and grow the patient online health portal,” said Jim Peppenhorst, Division Director of HIM and Reimbursement. “HIM looks this summer to upgrade the hospital-wide dictation system and software as well.”

The ongoing advancements are not being implemented merely for the convenience of HIM employees. They portal allows for faster access to medical records and improves accuracy – both critical elements in treating patients. The improvements also provide for smoother coding and billing, reducing potential worries for the patient after his or her visit.

HIM, commonly known as Medical Records, handles inpatient and outpatient coding, transcription, chargemaster analysis and maintenance, chart analysis, record compilation assistance, scanning, filing, death registration and release of information.

Logically, Peppenhorst serves as the organization’s Privacy Officer, and is entrusted with ensuring each patient’s right to privacy.

The HIM staff consists of several registered or certified staff, including Peppenhorst, who is a Registered Health Information Technician; Mandy Barger, a Certified Coding Specialist; and Alberta Greene and Ashley Sharpe, who have obtained coding and medical records certificates, respectively.

“HIM strives to assist the community by providing excellent customer service,” Peppenhorst noted. “We assist patients with all records needs as well as with our new electronic medical record health portal. Everything we do is done with the aim of meeting the highest standards in quality and service to the community.”