Randall creates Web home for Tiger football

While the Demopolis Tigers have made their presence known on the field over the course of the 8-0 start to their season, DHS alum Kathleen Randall has taken up the mantle of giving the team an online presence.

Randall, a former Demopolis High cheerleader and one of the Tigers’ biggest fans, decided to tackle the task after stumbling across a long-outdated website from the team’s 2009 season.

“I was looking for pictures and a roster for this year and I ran across the old football website that (former Demopolis defensive coordinator Rudy) Griffin started up,” Randall said. “After studying about the Home Teams Online website, I learned that if a website wasn’t being paid for, they would take it offline. His site was still up, so I freaked out. I was like ‘Someone is paying for this and it hasn’t been updated since the 2009 state championship game?’ After talking to (Kathy) Oates and finding out that no one was paying for it after all, I talked to (my) dad and we both decided that since there wasn’t a football (website) I could figure out how to work one.”

The site is comprehensive, containing information about everything form the team itself to the cheerleading squad to the River City Blue marching band. Randall even included links for photos, the Tiger Nation Network and the quarterback club.

“I started on the website around the middle of July. I have worked on it every day since then, and I don’t think I will ever be completely finished with it,” Randall said. “The biggest obstacle I faced while putting the site together would be the three days I spent on the phone with the HTO team about lowering my bill. I got completely finished with the site and asked them to send me an invoice. To this day, I’m pretty sure I had a mild heart attack after I saw the $500 bill. Apparently I had put way too many details in it. They were very good about helping me get everything down to a reasonable price without deleting any content.”

While Randall had to dump some features of the site, she managed to assemble the most complete Demopolis football website to date, even including an original song from former DHS running back Tre Dotson that serves as the website’s theme.

“The song that is playing on the home page is Tiger Nation by Tre Dotson, a former DHS Tiger. I changed songs three or four times and none of them satisfied me,” Randall said. “Cinnamon Cramer emailed me about this song and I knew that was the one I had to put up. A song about our Tiger Nation, written by a Tiger, there was no question about it.”

Randall continues to update the site weekly with information regarding each game, the Tigers’ standing in the Alabama Sports Writers Association poll, a Player of the Week, a Pic of the Week and assorted other content.

To see the Demopolis High School football website, go to