Quarterback Club to host Draw Down

The Demopolis High School Quarterback Club will hold its annual Draw Down fundraiser Saturday, March 23 at 6 p.m. in the DHS gymnasium.

The event will see DHS supporters who make donations of $100 to the club issued a ticket to participate in the Draw Down. Each ticket entitles participants to two catfish dinners at the event as well as a number in the Draw Down competition itself.

The Draw Down will see a maximum of 299 tickets sold prior to the event. Each ticket will have a corresponding, numbered table tennis ball placed in a hopper. Numbers will be drawn out one at a time until only nine balls remain.

Throughout the evening, attendees will be able to purchase raffle tickets for ball No. 300. Raffle tickets will be $5 each or $10 for a trio. The winner of the raffle will be entered back into the competition with ball No. 300 and the drawing will begin again.

Each ticket will carry with it a split-the-pot option. If each of the final five participants agree to split the pot, the $8,000 grand prize will be divided among them. If there is no agreement to split, the drawing will continue until only one ball remains.

Other prizes given away throughout the evening will include $500 cash payouts to the first, 100th and 200th tickets drawn out of the hopper as well as $250 cash prizes to the 50th, 150th and 250th tickets drawn out. That makes for a total of $10,250 set to be given away.

In the event of insufficient donations or other unforeseen circumstances, the DHS Quarterback Club reserves the right to cancel the drawing and refund all donations.

Tickets can be purchased from DHS players, coaches or quarterback club members.