Police Chief: Drug Take Back a continuing success

Demopolis Police Department conducted its third “Drug Take Back” event recently, and Police Chief Tommie Reese calls the program a continuing success.

“We took back 23 pounds of drugs,” Reese said of the most recent effort. “All total, we have collected 62.4 pounds of drugs.”

The program is simple, the Chief explained. Any individual can turn prescription drugs in with no questions asked, he noted.

“I think everyone is still a little worried about getting arrested if they turn the drugs in and that is just not the case,” he emphasized. “I think the program has done well in the City of Demopolis, but I think we could do a lot better. More participation from citizens would be helpful in our effort to remove and keep these drugs off the streets.”

The Take Back program stated in 2011. Reese said the idea came from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) desire to partner with local law enforcement to curb the abuse and illegal re-sale of prescription drugs.

“We decided it was a great idea and joined the program,” he said.