Memorable Photos of 2015

20151019 DHS Homecoming Parade-3261

Parades are for kids of ALL ages: Ms. Sylvia Holland waves to the crowd during the DHS homecoming parade.

Hope Vann-8608

Remembering: This is one of the reasons that this job can be more than you think it ever can be. You never know when there will be no more photos to take.

Demopolis, Ala. - 12-8-2015 - Family and friends gather at the downtown Demopolis square at a memorial for Hope Vann.

Support: This image was captured on the night of the candlelight memorial for Hope Vann. The man in this photo, Brian Murphy, lost his own son, Corey, around the same time, four years ago.


Community: Janet Henderson, mother if missing Demopolis native Rebecca Henderson Paulk, is comforted by a community member during a Sept. 17 candlelight vigil in the Demopolis Public Square. This story particularly hit home for me as Rebecca and I attended all of grade school together and shared many laughs together in high school.


Celebration: The Marengo Academy sideline erupts in celebration after Cason Cook scored a touchdown in Marengo Academy’s heartbreaking loss to Edgewood Academy. This year’s Longhorn team overcame the odds early in the season amid head coaching issues to come within a single play of knocking off an Edgewood team riding a 70-something game winning streak.