Linden Industrial Park to get new access road

After many years of trying, the City of Linden’s Industrial Development Board will finally have a road into the Linden Industrial Park. Marengo County Economic Development Authority Executive Director Brenda Tuck and Linden Industrial Development Board Chairman Dr. Walter Davis attended the Alabama Department of Transportation’s Industrial Access Road Meeting Tuesday at 10 a.m. in Montgomery, along with the representatives from the engineering firm and one of the new companies locating within the Linden Industrial Park, which will be dependent upon the access road.

Having less money than applications, Tuck knew it would be a close call for them to receive all of the funding for which they had applied on behalf of Linden.  The engineering report from Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood was above the State’s estimate; the Board did recommend funding this project fully based on the State’s estimate, providing $757,400.

“It’s a great day in Linden,” said both Tuck and Davis.

“We have put a lot of effort into this access road application and process and are very proud to see the success of these efforts,” Tuck continued.

Tuck also stressed, as she often states, that she does not work alone but as part of a team effort.  Last week, Tuck, Davis and County Commission Chairman John Crawford, Jr., as well as company and engineering representatives visited with Transportation Director John Cooper and Division Engineer Curtis Vincent to review the project.

“It was well received, and they understood the urgency of this project for our community,” said Tuck. “We were well represented, showing the unity of our area for this project in Linden.”

The Linden Industrial Development Board will be providing any matching funding that is necessary as final numbers come in as the road is built.  The road will be approximately one mile long, providing all necessary access into the industrial park.

A timeline will be forthcoming and reported to the community.  “

We want everyone to understand what this can do for this Industrial Park and the City of Linden,” Tuck said. “It was the only piece of infrastructure missing from a great industrial park, bordered by rail, with power and sewer in the park, and gas lines adjacent, ready to be put in place as needed.”