Jury convicts Nash in Ralph McNeil murder

A jury has found former Montgomery doctor David Nash guilty of capital murder in the case of Demopolis native Ralph “The Critter Man” McNeill.

The jury wasted little time in reaching its verdict after hearing a prosecution built primarily upon the testimony of Nash’s former fiancĂ© Serena English.

The prosecution alleged that Nash paid Jeremy and Kindall Riley, a pair of cousins who prosecutors said were both known drug dealers, a sum of $9,000 to kill McNeill in 2011. The victim had been in a custody dispute with English at the time of his murder.

McNeill had been stabbed and shot when his body was found outside a trailer on Pilgrim Street in Montgomery Jan. 18, 2011.

Nash’s conviction will see him spend the remainder of his life in prison. Jeremy Riley and English each entered a guilty plea on murder charges earlier this year while Kindall Riley’s capital murder trial resulted in a hung jury.