Hall steps into First Baptist music role

Tim Hall“We are made for worship,” Tim Hall believes. “That is my passion—to lead people in worship.”

Hall stepped in as music minister of First Baptist Church March 3, and he hasn’t stopped running since. “I’m right in the middle of a whirlwind of adaptation and orientation,” he said.

“I’m trying to learn how they do things,” he said of his new church and its members. “I’m adapting to them while they adapt to me.”

While he will be focusing on music ministry, Hall first of all is a minister. “I like music, but my whole life is not music,” he said. “Music is a tool of worship.”

Hall comes to Demopolis after 18 years in ministry. His wife, Carla, and their 10-year-old daughter, Melodie, will follow him from Albertville to the city during spring break.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA native of Gadsden, Hall attended Gadsden State, Samford and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville where he earned his degree in music.

“I’ve been in church music since before I was born,” he joked. His mother played the organ every week up to the Sunday before he was born. She’s 84 now and continues to play for services. His dad sings in the church choir.

He never became proficient on the piano, but Hall is skilled on the guitar.

When he felt the call to the ministry, Hall realized it was actually a call to music ministry. But his calling is more of leading worship that serving as a music director.

Hall has worked with many of the same types of choirs as those to be found at First Baptist, including handbells and instrumental ensembles.

Worshippers should also find that Hall will choose music of many genres.

“I love the hymns; I love the reverence,” he said, but he also likes the new songs by contemporary composers.

Working with other choral groups and churches might be in the future. Once he and his family get settled in Demopolis, “I’m interested in becoming part of the community.”

He explained, “I’m all about God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom incorporates more than just First Baptist Church or the Methodist Church or the Catholic Church. My drive, my heart’s desire is that people know Christ and are drawn to him in worship.”

When Hall finally gets some down time, he and his family enjoy watersports. Melodie is an avid soccer player, and her mother is teaching her to play the piano.

On his own, Hall enjoys working with his hands, especially woodworking. He got his mechanical skills from his father, a machinist, and enjoys working on his 1970 Chevelle.

But until he settles in, “I’m looking forward to getting to know the people of Demopolis and ministering to this community.”