Fugitive responds to Linden Police Facebook post

IMG_1797The Linden Police Department is looking for 31-year-old Roderick Hill of Mobile following an incident in the early morning hours Saturday.

Linden Police Chief Scott McClure said Hill was driving a vehicle and had parked at Chevron when an officer pulled up to ask him to turn down his music. According to McClure, Hill drove away before the officer could address him.

“He turned his lights on and chased him from Shiloh down to Martin Luther King and into Hillcrest Apartments driveway where (Hill) got out and they chased him on foot,” McClure said.

McClure indicated that the occasion marks the second time the Linden Police Department has chased Hill with the prior occurrence coming approximately a month ago when the suspect was said to have backed into a patrol car during that chase.

Hill is currently wanted in Mobile on misdemeanor warrants.

Hill“When he first came up here, we checked him and they said he had some misdemeanor warrants and they won’t come get him for misdemeanors,” McClure said.

Per its customary practice, the Linden Police Department posted Hill’s mug shot on its Facebook page Sunday afternoon, stating that he is wanted for attempting to elude and the he is considered armed.

“We found a fully-loaded nine-millimeter magazine that we’re assuming fell out of the gun when he got out of the car,” McClure said.“One of his family member’s pistol is missing. She has a nine-millimeter Ruger and that is the magazine that we found. And he is a felon.”

Hill’s felony charge came in 2012 when he pleaded guilty to breaking and entering a vehicle.

The department’s Facebook also stated that anyone caught assisting Hill, who is said to have relocated to Linden approximately six months ago, will be charged with hindering prosecution.

Hill responded to that Facebook post just before noon Monday, stating, “man y’all doing too much…it’s murderers out here and y’all worried bout lil ol me?wow…sad”.

McClure noted Hill’s Facebook comment in his response.

“We try to enforce all the laws as best we can. At this point, he’s the last one that we had to deal with, so he’s fresh on our mind,” McClure said. “Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with a lot of murderers. We deal with what we have to deal with and he’s one of them.”