Dual enrollment more affordable than ever for area students

Students at Demopolis High School have one more reason to be thankful for what they have received this year. AT&T has joined other Demopolis area organization such RockTenn and Rotary Club to support this vital and vibrant program with a generous $10,000 donation, according to Angelia Mance, director of the University of West Alabama’s Higher Education Center in Demopolis.

“This will mean a wealth of opportunities to students who want to earn early college credits with the University of West Alabama,” Mance said.

The University of West Alabama provides generous scholarships for dual enrollment, which reduces tuition to about half of what it normally would be. The grant from AT&T and the donations from other business and industry will mean additional amounts that the students are refunded at the end of each semester.

“Students who may have been interested in the program in the past but were concerned about paying tuition should consider giving the program another look,” Mance said. “It is more affordable than ever.”

Requirements for admission to the program have changed, too. Previously a student needed an ACT score of 19 and at least a ‘B” average. Students now qualify for the program with either an ACT score of 19 or a ‘B’ average.

Registration for dual enrollment for the Spring 2014 semester will take place at Demopolis High School in the library on Monday, January 16, 2014 from 7:30a.m. to 11:30a.m.

“As a reminder, we have a generous amount of grant funding this year for dual enrollment scholarships that will greatly reduce the cost,” Mance reiterated.

For further information please contact Angelia Mance (UWA) at (205) 652-5388 or (763) 360-0340 or amance@uwa.edu.