Demopolis Middle unveils new dismissal procedures for 2016

image1(1)In an effort to increase safety, Demopolis Middle School has revised the afternoon release procedures for students. The school asks that parents be patient as it works through the new procedures, keeping in mind that the safety of students must always be at the forefront of the school’s decisions. The following procedures will begin the afternoon of Jan. 5.

Sixth Grade – Students in sixth grade will be picked up on South Cherry Avenue. Cars may proceed up Cherry in both lanes. When exiting campus, cars must continue up South Cherry and exit left on East Whitfield Street. Students can ONLY load at the designated loading area.

Seventh Grade – Students in seventh grade will exit the front of the building and load vehicles in the parking lot directly across from the old part of DMS (Board of Education Parking Lot). All vehicles should enter the parking lot on Park Street from Highway 43.  Students will load at the designated area marked on the map provided.  Vehicles CANNOT enter the parking lot from Pettus. Two lanes will be clearly marked. Vehicles can use both lanes for pick-up, however, those in the left lane you will exit back onto Park Street and back to Highway 43.Those in the right pick up lane you will exit the parking lot to the right and onto Highway 43 via Pettus street.  Students can ONLY load at the designated loading area.

Eighth Grade – Students in eighth grade will be picked up in the back of the school on Whitfield Street. Students will load in the designated area beside the dumpster on the upper end of the teacher parking lot. Traffic will then turn right onto South Cherry Avenue. Cars will not be allowed to turn around and enter Highway 43 from Whitfield Street. Students can ONLY load at the designated loading area.

Bus Riders – Will load at the steps directly in front of DMS.

Walkers – Will exit at the three designated areas marked “crosswalk” on the map.

*Parents who have multiple children will pick up at the youngest child’s designated area. For example, with an eighth grade and a sixth grade student will pick both students up at the sixth grade area.

*In case of inclement weather, pick-up will be from the front porch.