Demopolis Incident/Arrest Reports – 8/28/12

Date   Charge   Items Taken/Damaged   Place of Occurrence
8/24/2012   Burglary-Residence-Force   Front Door; DVD’s   Sunset Road
8/24/2012   Theft-Miscellaneous   Salad, Pan Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Milano,   Pizza Hut
        Large Mountain Dew, Large Pepsi    
8/24/2012   Domestic Violence III       West Jackson St Apt 27
8/25/2012   Simple Assault       Hilltop Circle
8/26/2012   Burglary-Residence-Force       Hackberry Lane
8/26/2012   Harassment(Simple Assault)       Old Springhill Homes
8/27/2012   Damage to Patrol Vehicle   Tire Rim   US Hwy 80
8/27/2012   Harassment(Simple Assault)       Lime Rock Road
8/28/2012   Unauthorized Use of Other Vehicle-No Force   Autos   Stewart Ave
Date   Arrestee/Age   Charge   Location
8/25/2012   Connor Adam/26   Domestic Violence III   West Pettus
8/25/2012   Ross L. Wallace/48   Domestic Violence III   North Strawberry Ave
8/25/2012   Antonio L. Akins/35   Criminal Trespass III   West Jackson St
8/25/2012   Celeste T. Draper/59   DUI   US Hwy 43
8/26/2012   Melissa D. Bagley/28   DUI   Hwy 80 East
8/25/2012   Jeremy J. Merriweather/25   Disorderly Conduct   Demopolis Civic Center
8/27/2012   Eddie Henton III/27   Alias Warrant   Market Place
        Domestic Violence III    
8/27/2012   Carrita Rembert/23   Contempt of/Interrupting Court Proceeding   Demopolis Municipal Court