Alabama turkey hunters say 2015 worse than recent seasons

Recently the Wildlife Section of the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries emailed Alabama turkey hunters to gather information about their turkey hunting experiences in Alabama. More than 1,500 hunters responded.

Responses were received from all 67 counties and more than half of turkey hunterspotd - turkey thought the 2015 season was worse than the 2014 season. In fact, more than half said the 2015 spring turkey season was worse than the average for both the past 5- and 10-year periods. However, more than 60 percent said they like the season starting and ending dates as they are.

Here are results from additional questions:

Does your hunting property have more, less or the same number of turkeys as last year?
More: 13%
Less: 48%
About the Same: 39%
What do you consider to be the major factors limiting turkey numbers in your area?
Weather: 40%
Predators: 73%
Disease: 5%
Too many hunters: 13%
Too liberal of a bag limit: 11%
Other: 17%

Complete results from the survey are on the wild turkey page of the Outdoor Alabama website.