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The West Alabama Watchman – keeping watch on our community.

The West Alabama Watchman is owned and operated by West Alabama Watchman, LLC.

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The West Alabama Watchman is:


Jeremy D. Smith -Managing Partner.  Jeremy is a Prattville native and has lived in Demopolis five and a half years. He has won multiple professional awards as a reporter, feature writer and columnist. Jeremy’s primary role with The Watchman is managing and producing editorial content.  Contact Jeremy.






Danny Smith – Managing Partner. Danny has lived in Demopolis 22 years. He has 19 years experience in the newspaper business, including 7 years as editor and publisher of a community newspaper. Danny’s primary role with The Watchman is business management and advertising sales. Contact Danny.






Michael Clements – Managing Partner. Michael has lived in Demopolis for 37 years, moving to Demopolis to start school. Michael has 23 years of experience in computer technology and has been working in the photography industry for nine years.  Michael’s primary roles with The Watchman are photographer and website design. Contact Michael.