Thomasville students take project-based approach to Egypt study

By Carolyn Drinkard 

Special to The Watchman

FullSizeRender-2Students in Stephanie Noble’s eighth grade history class will probably never forget their study of Egypt. Noble used some project-based learning techniques to engage the students and spur their creativity.

Working in cooperative learning groups, the students created their own pyramids to explain the religion, technology, government, and daily life of ancient Egypt. Students used their imaginations and creativity to fashion their pyramids from any kind of materials. Some used paper, clay, or wood. Others used electronics. One group even baked a pyramid cake.

“What I liked about the pyramid project was searching for the facts, making the pyramid out of cardboard, and designing it,” said Jerrinesha Dixon.

“The pyramids were amazing, and I felt that I also learned many facts about them,” stated Caleb Witherspoon.

Noble said that she was pleased with her students’ work.  ” I’m big on choice, because I do not like to limit creativity. I also like for them to have opportunities to use their strengths.”