Watchman to run five-part series on education

Attendees as last week’s meeting of the Demopolis Rotary Club were fortunate enough to spend their lunch hour Alabama State Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice.

During his allotted time as the guest speaker of the weekly meeting, Bice highlighted some of the achievements of the state’s public education system as well as some of its shortcomings.

During his 40-minute address of local community leaders, Bice proved very candid regarding the failures of public education and what changes need to occur for the proverbial ship to be righted.

Over the next five days, The Watchman will present a series of stories based off of Bice’s address. Each story will focus on a particular element of the changing face of public education in Alabama.

From increasingly organic classrooms to improved professional development of teachers, Bice’s vision for where the state’s public education needs to go is as refreshingly radical and innovative as he is calling upon teachers and schools to become.

Titled A Stake in the Ground as both an homage to Bice’s favorite catchphrase during the speech and an appropriate summation of the approach being taken to alter the status quo, the series will see a new story posted each day at noon with the final post coming Saturday.

We sincerely hope you will find this series helpful and enlightening toward the changing state of education in our state.