Watchman names Moore boys Coach of the Year

DSC01304It is doubtless that there is talent at Linden High School. But a 23-3 record with the trio of losses totaling only seven points is impressive regardless of who is on your team. Moreover, Linden coach Roosevelt Moore is 75-28 in four seasons as the leader of Patriot basketball with three straight region tournament appearances. That is a pretty astounding run of success.

Moore brings a somewhat unorthodox style to the Patriots as his frantic substitution methods are often influenced by spur-of-the-moment decision making that is typically reactive to one instance or one mistake.

But, quirky or otherwise, Moore trusts his players and gives them opportunities to succeed or fail often regardless of circumstance. That philosophy has helped LHS to develop depth over the last few seasons.

And that depth is entirely necessary as Moore employs a variety of presses and traps on the defensive end that keep require his players to be among the most active in the area.

Roosevelt Moore has earned every inch of his status as the 2012-2013 West Alabama Watchman Coach of the Year. But what remains to be seen is whether or not he can finally go from one of the most underrated coaches in the state to one of the most appreciated.