Watchman expands content has recently expanded its content, enhancing the overall website experience for its readers.

Included among the site enhancements is the addition of the weekly sales circular for Vowell’s Marketplace. An advertisement typically available in printed products, the Vowell’s sales paper can be accessed weekly at by clicking the Vowell’s advertisement near the top of the page. has expanded its usage of visual media under the guidance of managing partner Michael Clements, who has posted numerous photo galleries for various pageants, sporting events and other community activities.

The latest addition for the site includes videos that are hosted by The West Alabama Watchman YouTube channel. Frequently embedded within corresponding stories and galleries, Watchman videos are typically located below the text of stories. Videos will appear in some, but not all stories.

Since its inception, The Watchman has carried weekly arrest and incident reports and monthly health code scores for restaurants and other establishments. The Watchman has recently expanded its public records section to include monthly divorces and marriage licenses. The public records section of the site also includes the voting precincts for Marengo County in view of the upcoming November election.

The Watchman is also working to add obituaries and other regular features to its product. Those seeking more information or looking to provide feedback can do so by contacting The West Alabama Watchman staff at, through its Facebook page at or via Twitter @WestALWatchman.