UWA to host genealogy workshop Oct. 2-3

LIVINGSTON ā€” The University of West Alabama’s Center for the Study of the Black Belt Archives and the Marengo County History and Archives Museum will host “Genealogy: Making the Local Connection” on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 2-3 on UWA’s campus.

Topics include the trials and tribulations of genealogy, death records, how to make the archivist your friend, courthouse records, cemetery research, and land records.

Workshop participants will discuss best practices in using local resources to conduct genealogical research, while guest speakers will examine a wide range of available methods of research for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced genealogist.

Speakers will also join for an “Ask the Experts” panel session for those seeking answers to specific genealogy questions. Coordinators expect the workshop to demonstrate how to go beyond the Internet when searching for family history.

“After attending this workshop, I want researchers to feel more comfortable with reaching out to their local courthouses, libraries, and even colleges for genealogical information,” Amy Christiansen, Black Belt archivist for the Center for the Study of the Black Belt, said. “In many areas in Alabama, familiarizing yourself with these local resources can help you find those unique family treasures you may not be able to find on the Internet.”

Concurrent sessions will take place in Bell Conference Center and Young Hall at UWA. The full registration fee is $50 and one-day registration fee is $35. Registration covers the cost of materials, refreshments, as well as lunches and dinners.

The registration deadline is Sept. 26. For more information and to register, visit www.centerforblackbelt.org or www.marengomuseum.com.

For more information on times and locations, Contact Amy Christiansen at (205) 652-3655 or blackbeltarchives@uwa.edu or Mary Jones-Fitts at (334) 555-1212 marengomuseum@yahoo.com.

This workshop is sponsored by the Black Belt Archives and the Marengo County History and Archives Museum. To learn more about either organization, visit http://centerforblackbelt.org/units/black-belt-archives-2 or http://www.marengomuseum.com.