UWA implements more effective emergency notification system

First chartered in 1835, the University of West Alabama (UWA) has long held an unwavering commitment to protecting its students, faculty and staff, as well as guests who visit the campus. In April of this year, UWA was named a “StormReady University” by the National Weather Service in recognition of their efforts in emergency preparedness.

That strong commitment to protecting the campus community is what led the University to seek a more effective communications platform and make the switch to Regroup Mass Notification.

“There were several reasons we decided to switch from their previous provider to Regroup Mass Notification, including the fact that Regroup provides better security and is able to integrate with LDAP, something we couldn’t do with our old system,” said Mike Pratt, Director of IT at UWA.

Pratt went on to say, “We also found that Regroup makes it much easier to create groups. And since they offer unlimited user groups at no extra cost, we can create as many as needed to effectively target specific groups of people and avoid over-messaging. We find Regroup’s interface much easier to use than our previous system and we really like their student sign-in portal. All in all, Regroup offers us the more granular solution.”

Regroup’s robust integration capabilities allow UWA to unify communications and have the ability to quickly send both critical and non-critical alerts to multiple communication channels, including digital signage, social media, the university’s website, mobile phones, landlines and email.

For a live demo of Regroup’s Emergency & Mass Notification System, sign up here: http://1.regroup.com/uwa-free-live-demo/