Thomasville slaying being treated as homicide

THOMASVILLE — Officials are treating the Monday night slaying of Fredia Collins as a homicide according to a press release from the city.

“Thomasville tragically lost a long-time owner, Fredia Collins, last night,” the press release read.

Collins was found dead in her office at Collins and Collins Insurance in downtown Thomasville.

“She was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound,” the release continued. “The incident is being treated as a homicide.”

According to the release, the Thomasville Police Department has been working alongside the Clarke county Sheriff’s Department, ABC agents, the district attorney’s office and the Grove Hill Police Department “non-stop through the night.”

“Leads have developed and are being worked very thoroughly,” the release read. “Chief (Mitchell) Stuckey and our investigative team are working with the State of Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Mobile this morning pouring through evidence that was gathered at the scene. Leads have been developed and are being worked thoroughly. Many individuals have been questioned and information obtained related to the crime.”

“We will leave no stone unturned until the individual(s) who committed this crime are brought to justice,” Stuckey stated in the release, which was provided to media on-hand for a press conference late Tuesday morning.

The department encourages those with any information pertinent to the crime to contact TPD at 334-636-2174.

“Our city is not a place where these type crimes are committed,” Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day said. “We will use every resource possible as a city government to assist in the apprehension and incarceration of the subject(s) who have, through their actions threatened the innocence and wholesomeness of our small town.”