Thomasville class has unique surgery experience

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By Carolyn Drinkard

Special to The Watchman

Students in Mrs. Vickie Charleston’s Medical Terminology Class at Thomasville High School had a unique experience “operating” on a patient and learning medical terms at the same time.

Charleston used an activity called “Surgery on a 3D image” to help the students understand the theory of body organizations/directional planes with a 3D object. The students had to use ordinary supplies for the assignment: a cucumber, straws, chocolate chips, Red Hots, tape, and pipe cleaners.

Charleston gave the directions, using terms that the students had studied. Students had to give pre-operative medication by mouth, place the patient in a supine position, and then perform the “surgery” on their “patient. “Some of the surgical procedures included an appendectomy, shunt for hydrocephalus, and gastrostomy.

“The students had plenty of fun ‘operating’ on their patient,” said Charleston. “It was quite challenging for some to learn the terms and positions, but they clearly understand the concept now.  I thought this hands-on assignment was very helpful.”

Charleston’s class is part of the Health Science curriculum at THS.