Taylor Quinney Crowned 2012 Little Miss COTR

Little Miss COTR 2012 Court (left to right): Anna Katelyn Glass (third alternate), Hannah Allen Whaley (second alternate), Taylor Mills Quinney (Little Miss COTR), Anna Katherine Sellers (first alternate) and Sarah Michael Overymyer (fourth alternate).

This year’s winner is truly a little miss. As one of the tiniest in the pageant, Taylor Quinney really let her big personality show through. She was dressed in a white layered organza gown with a chocolate colored sash. Taylor is the daughter of Harold and Natalie Quinney and a first grader at Westside Elementary School. Quinney’s teacher said she is very artistic and loves school. Taylor attends First Methodist Church and is on the competitive cheer team at TADA. When asked how she felt about winning, she said she was really happy.

Taylor’s court are as follows: Wearing a beautiful white feathered gown was first alternate, Anna Katherine Sellers. In a white layered dress with a purple flower sash was Hannah Allen Whaley, second alternate. Third alternate was Anna Katelyn Glass in a pink iridescent dress. Dressed in a white layered dress with a baby pink sash was fourth alternate, Sarah Michael Overmyer.

In the tradition of this year’s pageants, they have added an extra girl to the finalist count each night. Instead of 15, there were 18 finalists. They were Anna Katherine Sellers, Haylee Rae Rowley, Sarah Michael Overmyer, Josie Marie Gracie, Emery Elizabeth Wideman, Anna Katelyn Glass, Hannah Allen Whaley, Taylor Mills Quinney, Madeline Stewart Sealy, Madelyn Baty Singleton, Lauren Renae Smith, Rylee Paris Black, Lauren Olivia Tripp, Kennedy Elizabeth Townsend, Alexa Martinez, Anna Rene Lewis, Savannah Belle Sealy and Sophia Dinh Pham.