Demopolis police investigating Edgemont homicide

Demopolis has apparently experienced its second homicide of 2017. On Dec. 28 at approximately 3:10 p.m. a Demopolis Police Department officer was attempting to serve papers on an individual at 1514 Queensbury Lane in Edgemont Village. Upon the officer’s arrival, a small child in the residence opened the door and state that someone had killed his mother. The officer gained access to the residence and discovered the body of Shannon Sharell Steele, 29, of Demopolis in a back bedroom.

Also in the room with the victim was the victim’s four-month-old child. Demopolis Fire and Rescue as well as AmStar EMS were called to the scene but the Steele had already succumbed to injuries from an apparent gunshot wound.

DPD Criminal and Crime Scene Investigators spent several hours at the scene talking to neighbors and collecting evidence. According to Demopolis Public Safety Director and Police Department Chief Tommie Reese, Steele’s body is being sent for an autopsy at the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

The two children at the residence were not injured. Reese is asking the community to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers, especially in light of the holiday season.

Reese encourages anyone with any information pertaining to the case to call the Demopolis Police Department or TIP LINE at 334-289-3073 or 334-289-1475.

The homicide is the second of the year for Demopolis. The first occurred June 9 with the shooting death of 17-year-old Lauren Wright of Fairhope. The DPD arrested Dalton Jowers, 19, of Demopolis the following day. The two homicides of 2017 make only six since 2010.

Two arrested in Sunoco armed robbery

On Sept. 28 at approximately 6:45 a.m., the Demopolis Police Department responded to an armed robbery call at Sunoco Gas Station on U.S. Hwy 80 West. Director of Public Safety and Police Chief Tommie Reese said that upon Officers arrival they were informed that an unknown black male wearing a mask entered the service station armed with a handgun demanding money from the cashier.

The cashier gave him the money after which he made her sit on the floor before fleeing the store in a vehicle travelling east on U.S. 80. Chief Reese said DPD Officers were able to get a vehicle description from some video footage and from the cashier. It was determined that the suspects fled in a maroon color compact car with a light colored hood, and the vehicle’s tag number started with the number “36.” DPD Officers put out a (BOLO) to all neighboring law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for this vehicle and the suspects. Reese said approximately 20 minutes after putting the BOLO out, the Greensboro Police Department assisted by Hale County Sheriff’s Office located the vehicle driving through the intersection of Alabama Hwy 25 and Alabama Hwy 69.

A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle and the suspects were detained for the Demopolis Police Department. Investigators from the Demopolis Police Department traveled to Greensboro, Alabama to meet with Greensboro Officers on the traffic stop. DPD Investigators were able to determine that these were the suspects involved in the armed robbery through evidence recovered in the vehicle. Both suspects were transported back to Demopolis where they were charged with One (1) Count of Robbery in the First Degree each.

Arrested were:

Durwood McAlpine, age 25 of Greensboro, Alabama

Demondte Pernell, age 23 of Greensboro, Alabama

Chief Reese said that he is so thankful the cashier was not injured in this ordeal. He thanked and commended Greensboro Police Chief Mike Hamilton and Hale County Sheriff Kenneth Ellis for the assistance provided by their departments and also commended DPD Officers and Investigators for a job well done.

DPD charges man with July 13 home invasion

On Aug. 30, the Demopolis Police Department Criminal Investigations Division arrested Travis Antonio Washington, B/M, age 29 of Demopolis, Alabama for One (1) Count of Burglary in the First Degree. He has been charged with the home invasion that occurred on July 13 on Vine Street in Demopolis.

Director of Public Safety/Police Chief Tommie Reese said he is very proud of his department and for their efforts in keeping our citizens and city safe. He also said this case remains under investigation.



Valiant truck driver receives medal, key to city

Barry Williams (center) along with his wife Kala and children Kennedy and Kendall were at the Demopolis City Council meeting Thursday evening. Barry Williams received the Key to the City from Mayor John Laney and the Medal of Valor from the Demopolis Police Department.

The Wagstaff family will forever remember Aug. 1, 2017. That was the day they nearly lost Octavia Wagstaff. While driving on U.S. Highway 80 near French Creek at 1:48 p.m., her vehicle left roadway, missed the guard rail, and quickly began submerging in water.

“As I was driving down the highway, I’m in the right lane. She probably was maybe a good truck and a half in front of me. So, when the truck passed by me in the left lane, he cleared me at least by a truck and a half. He come straight over on her. As he hit her, he caught her back bumper, kind of went down her driver’s door and she spun around,” Barry Williams, a truck driver for New Line Transport/Cemex, said of how the scene played out. “She went around the guard rail. She missed the guard rail, but she went airborne. As she went airborne, she went straight down and the car twisted around.”

Her brother, Robert, believes it was by the providence of God Williams was in the area. To the great appreciation of the Wagstaff family, Williams wasted little time responding to the situation.

“As I pulled over, I kind of stopped in the middle of the road a little bit. I ran to the side and looked. I stood there probably about 15, 20 seconds trying to see if she was going to come out of the car,” Williams said. “As I saw that she wasn’t coming out, it looked like she was taking her last breath. So, it was either me taking a chance and running way back around the other side or jumping. So, I just jumped in. I wasn’t scared of the water because I knew how to swim.”

“If he had had to go around the side of the bridge and come down, she’d have never made it, so he jumped over,” Robert relayed. “We are grateful. Most people would pass by, look, and keep driving.”

Once Williams was into the water, the job got especially difficult as the task of freeing the driver from the vehicle was still at hand. Through the anxiety of the moment, Williams found himself with the presence of mind to take the appropriate tact.

“It was kind of hard getting the door open because I was kind of panicking at the same time and wasn’t thinking straight. As I thought about it, I grabbed the door with both hands and I used my feet to pry the car and I pulled the door open,” Williams said. “During that time, I was pulling trying to get her out and I realized she had her seatbelt on. So I had to go back underwater to take her seatbelt off. At that time, that’s when the other guy jumped in to help. We got her to the bank and the rescue took over from there.”

Octavia is still recovering from her injuries, which include two broken ribs, a broken sternum, a right ankle injury, deep lacerations on both sides of pelvic area, and a deep laceration on her right elbow.

“When you look at social media today and where we are in society, so many people want to pull their phone out and record stuff, but not want to help. I think what Mr. Williams has done was admirable. He was heroic,” Demopolis Police Department Chief Tommie Reese said. “He took his time. He stopped his truck, went down a hill to an unknown area, and he risked his own life to save another life.”

Williams, who resides in Moundville, attended Thursday’s meeting of the Demopolis City Council as an invited guest along with his wife, Kala, and two of his three children: Kennedy (3 years old) and Kendall (four months old).

Williams received the Medal of Valor from the Demopolis Police Department as well as the Key to the City from Mayor John Laney in recognition of his unhesitant heroic actions. Robert Wagstaff presented the family with an undisclosed monetary gift as a token of their appreciation.

Barry’s wife, Kala, laughed Thursday while taking the adulation her husband received for his willingness to help.

“He called me. I guess he was still freaked out,” she said, recalling the afternoon of Aug. 1. “He acted like it didn’t happen for a while. I guess it took a while for him to process what had happened. The biggest thing he said was, ‘I didn’t get my load. I missed my load.’”

“I just went back like it was a normal day. It was all in a day’s work. Being out there on the highway, I see a lot of stuff and it’s scary. I just take it day by day,” Barry added.

Demopolis Arrest Reports: Aug. 7, 2017

Aug. 4 – James A. Green, 28, for Contempt of Court – Outback

Aug. 5 – James A. Green, 28, for Contempt of Court – East Washington St.

Aug. 5 – Travis Washington, 29, for Contempt of Court – East Washington St.

Aug. 5 – Kent L. Simmons, 52, for DUI – Walnut Ave.

Aug. 6 – Melissa D. Bagley, 33, for Attempted Theft of a Vehicle – Windham Motor Company

Aug. 7 – Annie L. Taylor, 20, for Contempt of Court – Blacks Drive

Demopolis Arrest Reports: July 18, 2017

June 16 – James D. Bell, 43, Theft of Property III, Hwy 43 North

June 16 – Xandra R. Allbrooks, 29, Theft of Property III, US Hwy 43 North

June 18 – Phillip L. Mattar, 58, DUI, US Hwy 80 West

June 19 – Warren K. Hawkins, 50, Ex-Felon in Possession of a Firearm, DPD

June 19 – Ronald Glover, 55, Disarming a Law Enforcement of Correction Officer, Assault a Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing Peace, Resisting Arrest

June 21 – Kiser D. Jackson, 32, Contempt of Court, Family Dollar

June 22 – Robert L. Davis III, 19, Possession of Marijuana I, Marengo County Courtroom

June 22 – Lazarus C. Mitchell, 31, Contempt of Court, Marengo County Jail

June 22 – Micheal J. Lucy, 26, Contempt of Court, Marengo County Jail

June 25 – Kimberly A. Richardson, 30, Barbiturate – Possession, Bell Grayson Road

June 25 – Nicole M. Roberts, 46, Theft of Property IV, Walmart

June 25 – Nicole M. Roberts, 46, Escape II, Walmart

June 25 – Jeremy J. Winston, 28, Harassment, East Washington St.

June 25 – Cedric L. Cooks, 23, Possession of Marijuana II, Drug Paraphernalia – 1st Offense, US Hwy 43 North

June 25 – Sierra M. Daniels, Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing Peace, Hwy 43 North

June 26 – Tremaine Richardson, 35, Public Intoxication, Demopolis City Court

June 28 – Nicole M. Roberts, 46, Fraudulent Use Credit/Debit Card (3 counts), Possession of a Forged Instrument (8 counts), Marengo County Jail

June 28 – Johnny L. Ormond, 61, Pedestrian Under the Influence, West Pearl

June 29 – Charley Bromberger, 42, Possession of Marijuana, West Jackson St

June 29 – Stefan Richardson, 19, Burglary of Auto (no theft), East Pettus St

June 30 – Jamarcus Smith, 23, Possession of a Concealed Weapon w/o Permit, Jack’s

June 30 – Jamarcus M. Alvis, Possession of a Concealed Weapon w/o Permit, Possession of Marijuana, Hwy 80 W

July 1 – Markus Furrow, 45, Drug Paraphernalia – 2nd Offense, Tampering with Physical Evidence, Parr’s Chevron

July 1 – Burrell Carter Jr, 34, Alias Writ of Arrest, East Pettus St

July 1 – Deanza K. Albert, 33, Assault III, East Washington St

July 2 – Tara Bryant, 18, Contempt of Court, Gary Malone’s/Jefferson Road

July 2 – Wanda H. Smith, 53, Theft of Property IV, Vowell’s

July 3 – Thomas L. Hudson, 41, Failure of Adult Sex Offender to Register with Local Law Enforcement, Hwy 80 East

July 5 – Dames D. Robertson, 53, Possession of Child Pornography, Bell Grayson Road

July 6 – Derrick C. Simmons, 26, Criminal Mischief II, DPD

July 6 – Pamela C. Scott, 55, Harassment, Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing Peace, East Pettus

July 6 – Monica Ashworth, 51, Insufficient Funds – Check, East Washington St

July 6 – Timothy E. Brown, 21, Possession of Marijuana, Hwy 80 West

July 7 – Lucas M. Grantham, 31, Domestic Violence III, Indian Hill Road

July 9 – Chester D. Washington, 23, Robbery III, Resisting Arrest, Wolf Circle

July 10 – Brian Pham, 45, Miscellaneous Offenses, DPD

July 10 – Joseph P. Knowles Jr., 35, DUI (Combined Substance), DPD

July 12 – Lekendrick D. Giles, 31, Marijuana – Possession, Barbiturate – Possession, McDonald’s Parking Lot

July 13 – Jaylion D. James, 19, Theft of Property IV (2 counts), Walmart

July 13 – Joshua D. Nixon, 26, Theft of Property IV, Hwy 80 West

July 13 – Cornelia Howell, 59, Forgery I, Walmart

July 13 – Marquis R. Butler, 44, Forgery I, DPD

July 14 – Georgetta Essex, 37, Assault II, Aggravated Assault – Domestic Knife, US Hwy 80 West

July 16 – Thomas L. Harris Jr., 42, Domestic Violence III, Estelle Drive

July 17 – Stephanie D. Benison, 26, Harassing Communications, DPD

July 18 – Kendra M. Taylor, 29, Assault III, South Walnut

July 18 – Derick. D. Holloway, 39, Assault III, US Highway 80 East Apt. A1

Demopolis Arrest Reports: June 16, 2017

May 5 – Juanita Boone, 27, Marijuana – Possession, Blacks Drive

May 7 – Daeshuan D. Lawson, 20, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana II, Drug Paraphernalia – 1st Offense, Marvin’s

May 9 – Maurice L. Lynch, 28, Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Vehicle, BWMH

May 11 – Diana Daniels, 48, Criminal Trespass III, Hilltop Circle

May 12 – Justin O. Smith, 24, Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing Peace, Domestic Violence III/Criminal Mischief, Rainbow Circle

May 12 – Brian Pham, 45, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, South Main

May 14 – Maurice D. Maiden, 37, Appears in Public Place Under Influence, Hwy 80 East/South Finest

May 15 – Christopher L. Dixon, 31, Simple Assault – Family, Failure to Obey a Police Officer, East Washington St

May 15 – Alfred Oates, 47, Contempt of Court, A Street

May 18 – George Smith, 54, Marijuana – Possession, Third Ave

May 18 – Michele Hagood, 55, DUI, Hwy 80 West

May 19 – Tina M. Ramirez, 29, Appears in Public Place Under Influence, Strawberry Street

May 19 – Lornettice N. Williams, 49, Insufficient Funds Check, DPD

May 19 – Royce M. Mullen, 58, Menacing – Intimidation Only, East Washington

May 19 – Naporcshia James, 29, Contempt of Court, Alias Writ of Arrest, Sparks Road

May 19 – Deshiunna N. Johnson, 19, Assault III, Wolf Circle

May 19 – Ann K. Williams, 62, Theft of Property IV (two counts), East Washington St

May 23 – Victor G. Calvin, 30, Burglary III, 26th Street

May 25 – Joe E. Harris, 58, Criminal Trespassing III, Drug Paraphernalia – 2nd Offense, Parr’s Chevron

May 25 – Walter A. Walker, 30, Simple Assault – Family, Olive Drive

May 26 – Walter A. Walker, 30, Assault III (two counts), DPD

May 26 – Gregory G. Nevels II, 25, Possession of a Concealed Weapon w/o Permit, Possession of Marijuana I, East Jefferson St

May 26 – Henry L. Tucker, 47, Possession of a Controlled Substance, East Jefferson Rd

May 27 – Malik Rahman, 42, Theft of Property IV, Using False Identity to Obstruct Justice, Walmart

May 27 – Tremaine L. Richardson, 36, Public Lewdness, East Washington St

May 28 – Montes J. L. Ledezma, 24, DUI, Hwy 43 South

May 30 – Melissa A. Beverly, 24, Possession of a Forged Instrument III, DPD

May 30 – Hugh B. Brame, 22, Theft of Article from Auto, DPD

May 31 – Lakeith J. Moore, 37, Alias Writ of Arrest, Hwy 80 West

May 31 – Josephine James, 58, Contempt of Court, Maria Ave

May 31 – Antonio J. Jones, 36, Domestic Violence III, East Pettus

June 1 – Annet P. Harmon, 55, Contempt of Court, East Washington St

June 2 – Allison H. Busbee, 23, DUI, Bryan Whitfield Hospital

June 4 – Stanley Washington, 57, DUI, Third Ave

June 5 – Victor G. Calvin, 30, Violation of Domestic Violence Protection Order, DPD

June 6 – Becky E. Elliott, 43, Contempt of Court, Marengo County Detention Center

June 8 – Thomas L. Hudson, 41, Domestic Violence III, US Hwy 80 West

June 9 – Franklin G. Wedgeworth, 35, Unauthorized Use of Auto – No Force, Theft of Property II, Walnut Street

June 10 – Dalton M. Jowers, 19, Murder – Non-Family – Gun, Bryan Whitfield Hospital ER

June 12 – Nadiyah A. Pittman, 37, Contempt of Court, East Washington St

June 13 – Colby D. Lewis, 19, Harassment, East Washington St

June 14 – Kendrick Montgomery, 24, Failure to Obey a Police Officer, Parr’s Chevron

June 14 – William E. Wallace, 37, Marijuana – Possession, Drug Paraphernalia – 1st Offense, East Monroe St

June 14 – Erica E. Montgomery, 21, Domestic Violence II, Chevron

June 15 – Selena Fields, 26, Domestic Violence III – Assault III, Resisting Arrest, North Walnut

Demopolis man charged with murder after Friday shooting

A local man faces murder charges after a shooting left one dead Friday. Demopolis Police Department officers responded to a shooting call at 171 Starmont Road in Gallion Friday. Upon arrival, officers located a female suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim, whose name is being withheld pending notification of her family, later died after having been transported by emergency personnel to Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital.

DPD officers later arrested Dalton Martin Jowers, 19, of Demopolis and charged him with murder in the case. Further details are unavailable at this time as the case remains under investigation.

Forkland man arrested on federal gun charge

On June 7, the Demopolis Police Criminal Investigations Division arrested Dewayne Davis, 40, of Forkland on a Federal Indictment for Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person. This federal charge followed an incident where Demopolis police officers arrested Davis in April 2017 on state charges of Certain Persons Forbidden to Possess a Pistol and Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Davis had been previously convicted of Murder in Greene County in 1998 and had been released from prison in 2013. Davis has been transported to Mobile County Metro Jail to stand for his federal charges.

Demopolis Arrest Reports: May 5, 2017

April 15 – Vincent D. Moore, 25, Possession of Marijuana, DUI (Combined Substance), Gino’s parking lot

April 15 – Susan Smith, 38, Discharging Firearm in City, Phil Harper Drive

April 15 – Teresa C. Averette, 52, DUI (Combined Substance), Contempt of Court, Walnut

April 16 – Daniel L. Gregory, 29, Possession of Marijuana, Hwy 80 West

April 16 – Timothy N. Stewart, 25, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana, Edgewood Dr.

April 17 – Javiya McGrew, 19, Possession of Marijuana II, Possession of a Concealed Weapon w/o Permit, Parr’s Chevron

April 18 – Kim L. Lauderdale, 52, Appears in Public Under Influence, Floyd Street

April 19 – Shaundrika Benison, 24, Assault III, Hilltop Circle

April 19 – Dominick T. Smith, 30, Contempt of Court, Rainbow Circle

April 19 – Aretha F. Johnson, 41, Harassment, Hilltop Circle

April 19 – Christopher M. Overstreet, 31, Contempt of Court, Hwy 80 East

April 19 – Rachel King, 59, Negotiating Worthless Instrument, DPD

April 19 – Ryan K. Bohannon, 28, Alias Writ of Arrest, Buddy Griffith Drive

April 19 – Joey C. Stokes, 58, DUI, Hwy 43 South

April 20 – Charles D. Ravizee, 53, Contempt of Court, DPD

April 21 – Kameisha M. Madison, 20, Alias Writ of Arrest (three counts), East Washington Street

April 22 – Jacob A. Criswell, 21, Alias Writ of Arrest, MCDC

April 22 – Kim L. Lauderdale, Appears in Public Place under Influence, Third Ave.

April 23 – Mauricio Martinez, 28, Domestic Violence III, Hwy 43 North

April 24 – Doris L. Morgan, 53, Theft of Property IV, Drug Paraphernalia – 2nd Offense, Methamphetamine – Possession, US Hwy 80 W

April 26 – Timothy D. Jones Jr., 21, Violation of City Noise Ordinance, Pettus & Hilltop Circle

April 28 – Jonathan J. Caceres, 35, Hallucinogen – Possession, Drug Paraphernalia – 1st Offense, Marijuana – Possession, Hwy 80 West

April 30 – Valshawn D. Allen, 28, DUI, S. Front Street & Jackson Street

April 30 – Ashley N. Doss, 28, Auto Theft, Irondale Police Dept.

May 1 – Joe L. Davis, 32, Menacing – Intimidation Only, DPD

May 1 – Janet Benison, 47, Possession of Marijuana, West Pettus

May 1 – Renana Norfleet, 47, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Obey a Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing Peace, Parr’s Chevron 80 & Jefferson

May 1 – Kelsey Perkins, 19, Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing Peace, Parr’s Chevron

May 2 – Justin T. Portis, 21, Alias Writ of Arrest, Thomasville

May 2 – Sherman L. Bennett, 39, Possession of Marijuana II, Barbiturate – Possession, East Pettus

May 2 – Brandon Gilbert, 29, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Concealed Weapon w/o Permit, Cedar Street

May 3 – Christopher Collins Jr., 19, Failure to Obey Law Enforcement, Fitzgerald Clinic

May 3 – Jennifer S. A. McClinton, 47, Theft of Property IV, Walmart

May 3 – Henry Tate, 30, Domestic Violence III (two counts), Marengo County Jail

May 4 – Michael D. Parnell, 49, Contempt of Court, DPD

May 5 – Victor G. Calvin, 30, Possession of Marijuana II, Black’s Drive