Suspect turns himself in after shooting two in Linden

Michael Lucy, 24, turned himself in to Linden Police Department officers Monday in connection with the shootings of two Linden residents.

Lucy is alleged to have used a 12-gauge shotgun and No. 6 birdshot ammunition in the shooting of Martrell Williams, 20, and Kendarius Goodwill, 24; an incident that took place Thursday, April 30 at approximately 10:30 p.m. near the corner of Easley and Martin Luther King Jr. streets.

“Martrell is OK. He just had a few pellets scattered about his side area. He’s going to be fine,” Linden Police Department Chief Scott McClure said of the shooting victims. “Kendarius is awaiting surgery. He has two pellets, one lodged up around his heart and the other lodged around his kidneys and they’ve got to remove them. He took the brunt of it. He was the more unlucky one. He took the brunt of it in the back. The way the shot went, Martrell was shielded by (Goodwill) and took less of it.”

Goodwill is receiving treatment for his injuries after being airlifted to DCH in Tuscaloosa the night of the incident.

Lucy is charged with Assault First Degree while Williams already has robbery charges pending from an earlier incident in which Lucy was the alleged victim.

“We did bring (Lucy) in this morning. We got a statement from him where he claims that since the last robbery he has been carrying his shotgun with him. It is a short-barreled shotgun, not an illegal short barrel but it was an 18-inch shotgun. He said he had been carrying it with them and they started after him and were going to rob him again, he did not intend to hit them but he shot at them,” McClure relayed.

The robbery incident in which Williams currently faces charges saw Lucy issue a statement that alleges the perpetrator to have used a gun in the commission of the crime.

“The statement that we have was that he had a pistol reported on him and robbed him of his money,” McClure said. “I think the statement said that he hit him in the head with what he believed to be a pistol.”