Submit YOUR News

Being a community-oriented news organization is about encompassing all of the community. That means we absolutely must have the news, sports, public records and other features that are important to our community. But it also means we need what is important to you.

As The Watchman again looks to expand its content, we invite you to be part of our Neighborhood Watch. While that phrase typically carries with it a connotation of being on the lookout for unsavory activity, we at The Watchman just ask that members of our Neighborhood Watch team keep updated on what is going on in their neck of the woods and pass it along.

Perhaps a student with local ties is graduating from basic training. Or maybe your next door neighbor is about to celebrate a 100th birthday. Then again, it could be as simple as pictures from the haul of a fishing trip or deer hunt. We will determine how to use the information. We just need you to share it.

You can pass along pictures, stories or tips by clicking HERE.

We will need contact information such as a phone number included in the e-mail in the event that we have to follow up to get more information.

LETTERS POLICY: West Alabama Watchman welcomes letters to the editor that address topics of local impact or the general interest of its readers. Letters can be submitted in person, by mail, or electronically, on the condition that the writer’s identity can be positively verified. A phone number is required with the submission (phone numbers will not be published with the letter). Anonymous letters or letters containing fictitious names will not be published. West Alabama Watchman will not publish letters that are libelous, malicious, vulgar or abusive. West Alabama Watchman reserves the right to edit any and all letters, or to withhold a letter from publication.

As always, thank you for your readership and thank you in advance for helping to make your even better.