Photo of the Day


The Demopolis Police Department started being Santa early by giving 29 shirts and 26 pairs of tennis shoes to Project Merry Christmas.  These items will be given to needy children by the Marengo County Department of Human Resources during the Christmas season. “This is one of our department’s ways of giving back to the community,” said Chief Tommie Reese. Pictured from left are: Chief Tommie Reese, administrative assistant Shelia Rodgers, Ofc. Heath McClure, Dawn Hewitt of Marengo County DHR, record clerk Geraldine Grayson and receptionist Sha’Kita Thomas.

 “I would like to thank the Demopolis Police Department for being selfless not only in their choice to protect and serve the public, but also in giving to Project Merry Christmas to help children and families in need this holiday season. The DPD staff plays an important role in the community by helping individuals during times of tragedy, times of conflict, and also times of happiness. Acts of kindness by the DPD along with bravery and dignity shows how much the staff cares for people that reside in this community,” said Dawn Hewitt, Project Merry Christmas coordinator with Marengo County DHR. (Contributed Photo)