No injuries as Linden explosion draws onlookers

smoke distanceLINDEN — Goosebumps from chilly weather abruptly turned to chills of worry and fascination after a sudden and fierce explosion in Linden Thursday night.

Joe Courtney was in the process of towing his ’01 Honda back to his residence when he noticed something wasn’t right.

“When I got ready to pull out, I turned the car’s flashers on; that’s what I thought it might be the first time a light or spark got my attention. Next thing I know, smoke is pouring out the windows.”

It was at that time that Courtney realized he couldn’t proceed any further.

Fortunately, Courtney was able to pull both vehicles off the side of the road at the corner of Nettles and North Main Street off U.S. Highway 43, allowing for enough space for the efficient maneuvering of Fire, safety, and traffic control units.

car closeAs traffic began to slowly accumulate along U.S. Highway 43, more and more people ventured out of their vehicles, eager to get a glimpse of the commotion.

Bobby Hill of Linden witnessed the sequence of implosion first hand,

“It was pretty scary. I thought it might catch fire but not this. There were three or four loud pops right before the explosion,” Hill said.

The incident occurred between 8:25 p.m. and 8:35 p.m. There were no injuries or serious damage done to the surrounding environment.