New choral program begins at Thomasville High

By Carolyn Drinkard

Special to The Watchman

One of the goals that Charles Alford had when he became the principal at THS was to start a choral program. His plan is now taking shape. Ms. Olivia Kimbrough will direct the new choir with Ms. Donna Calhoun assisting, as needed.

Auditions were held during the week of Aug. 24. Students will be asked to sing a verse and chorus of a favorite song before judges, who will use a rubric to rate the performances.

The THS Chorus will meet after school for practices to learn about voice tone, quality, pitch and rhythm.  The practices will prepare the choir for two performances that will coincide with the Christmas and Spring Band concerts.  The choir will also participate in Christmas caroling within the Thomasville community, as well as visiting the nursing home.

“I’m very excited about the experience,” stated Kimbrough. “I love music, and the joy of hearing young voices in harmony is just the most beautiful thing! I look forward to the auditions, the events, and the wonderful experiences I know we will have.”