Marengo County to receive mental health grant, needs survey response

Marengo County is one of four counties in Alabama to receive an Alabama Department of Mental Health Strategic Prevention Framework – Strategic Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG).

Southern Prevention, in partnership with the Marengo County Children’s Policy Council, will serve as the coalition group to implement the grant project entitled Community in Action. Three goals are recognized for this project:

1. Prevent onset and reduce the progression of substance use, including childhood and underage drinking.

2. Reduce substance-related problems in Alabama communities.

3. Build prevention capacity and infrastructure at the state and community levels.

Connie Brown has been selected to serve as the coalition coordinator for the project. The coalition is currently in the assessing phase of the process and the grant requires each coalition to survey at least 150 community members by Dec. 20. The simple survey has 24 questions and can be completed online in less than 10 minutes.

Community members are encouraged to respond to the survey by going to and clicking Community Action Survey.