Marengo Academy honors seniors

sr group

The senior athletes of the fall season of Marengo Academy were honored on November 6, 2014 with a SENIOR PEP RALLY. Each senior was presented a flower and a framed picture as they met their parents at center court. After the presentation, the seniors took time to have “One Last” group picture. Pictured are (Row 1) Chad Beverly, Ralph Langley, (Row 2) Dalton Etheridge, Myles Pritchett, Hayden Hall, Will Allen, Tyler Barkley, Sam Renner, Shade Pritchett, (Row 3) Haley Mitchell, Anna Michael Crocker, Kimberly Moore, Andrea Edmonds, Coti Jordan, (Row 4) Patrick Smith, Wallace Tutt, Carson Etheridge, Alston Dinning, Tait Sanford, Kyle Friday, Josh Holifield. Photo by Raycelia A. McIntrye