Linden Elementary Pre-K students do science experiment

LES Soap Experiment Aaliyana Taite, Genesis Clayton, Andriya Todd, Olivia FickleThe Linden Elementary School Pre-K students in Angela Ward’s class recently learned about the scientific physical change of closed-cell foam formation as illustrated by Charles’ Law.

While the students may not be able to explain their science experiment using these scientific terms, they can certainly explain what happens when a bar of Ivory soap is microwaved on a paper plate for 90 seconds: it expands to roughly six times its original size.

Ward presented the lesson as a way to introduce the students to making predictions by stating a hypothesis. The overall reaction to the Ivory soap experiment was that it was “fun and exciting to see the soap grow” from a small rectangle into a big blob thanks to the scientific “magic” of a microwave oven.

LES Soap Experiment Christian Smith, Christian McKinley, Kamryn Lewis, Ayden Wilson, Josalynn Harris