Linden could soon be hiring new officer

LINDEN — The city council seemed in ripe harmony Wednesday afternoon as it met to discuss city issues and developments, one of which being the potential hiring of a new police officer.

Chief of Police, Scott McClure brought forth the conversation as he explained his reason for enthusiasm. “We had the job posting up on the internet for some time now. This young man is by far the most qualified applicant we have had.” McClure went on to add “I believe we should move forward and offer the vacant certified position.”

Councilman Dennis Breckenridge would follow by offering support on the matter by way of a motion indicating the candidate must first meet with Mayor Charles Moore. The vote was unanimous in favor of allowing Moore to offer the position following an interview with the prospective officer.

Mayor Moore would, from there, transition into news regarding a renovation project set to begin in the near future at Linden Athletic Field. Moore elaborated on a few details by stating, “The six-foot chain-link fence that separates the parking lot and actual entrance into Linden Athletic Field will be moved six-feet back towards the highway. Also, a new fence will be put up around the field itself.”

A brief discussion of ATRIP funding took place as Marengo County is on pace to reach the additional $1 million funding Gov. Robert Bentley promised in mid-July. The Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program is the largest road and bridge improvement program in Alabama’s history. The funding sits at $750,000 at the moment.

In property news, it was announced by Moore that “The Vaughn sisters purchased the remaining 30 acres for sale on Industrial Park,” totaling the price tag at $112,000. Moore went on to add that “this purchase will take their property to the future bypass.”

In other news directed at dealing with Linden’s cosmetic blemishes, Neal Jackson announced that the nursing home will be painted in the not-so-distant future.