Linden City Council opens new administration

Judge Wade Drinkard swears in Linden Mayor Charles Moore and the Linden City Council Monday afternoon. Pictured are William Bryant, Mike Carlisle, Dennis Breckenridge and Charles Moore. Not pictured are Neal Jackson and Jan Cannon.

The Linden City Council held its organizational meeting Monday afternoon where Judge Wade Drinkard swore in the council and newly-elected mayor Charles Moore.

During the meeting, the City Council reappointed Terry Tyson as Director of Public Works and Scott McClure as Director of Public Safety. Additionally, the council appointed Cheryl Hall as interim city administrator through December 2012 when she will retire.

The council determined to leave all city funds with First Bank of Linden and to reappoint Woody W. Dinning Jr. as city attorney.

The council also approved the reassignment of its members to the various boards throughout the city. The council also moved its regularly scheduled meeting to the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m., deviating from the 4 p.m. pattern it had established in recent months.

“I’m upbeat about it. The guys are working hard,” Moore said of his optimism regarding the new administration. “I think some of that is because it’s a new beginning. We’re looking to the future.”

Immediately following the organizational meeting, the council held its first regular meeting of November. During that meeting, the council voted to post a job opening for a Chief Clerk rather than a City Administrator, the job that will be vacated by Hall.

The council will put together a job description for the Chief Clerk description at a later date.

The council’s next meeting will take place Nov. 27 at 6 p.m.