Letter: Public Works vital to community’s success, quality of life

To the Editor,

There would be no community without the quality of life Public Works provides. There would be no community for police and firemen to protect, no public to lead or represent. Public Works allows the world as we know it to be. This year’s theme “Community Begins Here” speaks to the essential nature of Public Works services in support of everyday quality of life.

We at Public Works are proud to work and represent our community. Here are a few things we are busy doing to maintain the City of Demopolis.

We keep our streets clean with the following: our limb/grass crew, elephant vacuum, street sweeper, bush hog, motrim, limb loader and riding mowers are used to keep our medians and right of ways neat and trimmed. We repair ditches, potholes and street cuts. We clean off debris from City Landing boat ramps for our active boaters. We clean out drop inlets as needed and pick up litter throughout our city. We spray the community to control mosquitos.  We are upgrading our street signs and added speed bumps for public safety.

We mow, weed eat and bush hog the gateways into Demopolis and our Industrial Parks.

We keep our city buildings clean and maintained; City Hall, Rooster Hall, Civic Center, New Era, Demopolis Higher Ed Center, Library, River Pavilion, Park & River Public Restrooms, Old Courtroom & WIC buildings and Rosenbush Building.

We have started our “Keep It Clean” campaign with active participants Collins Communication, Canal Heights Church of Christ Youth Group, DHS ROTC and businessmen James Lewis and Ben Sherrod. I cannot express how much you’re participating in the litter program means to us.

During the National Public Works Week we’re encouraging you to donate canned items for our local food pantry or dog food for Bigbee Humane Society.  You can bring the donated items to our office at 809 East Jackson Street or call us at 289-3879 if you need assistance.  We are a Community Helping Community.

I want to thank my crew who continue to display dedication, perseverance and genuine love for the department by sticking it out despite the shortage of resources. Doing MORE with LESS!

These dedicated DPW employees are GREAT!

Joshua Cabil, Lawrence Crymes, Steve Etheridge, Samuel Israel, Ashford Jackson, Timothy Page, Taylor Paramore, Kim Rodrigues and Scott Wingate.


Mike Baker

Public Works Superintendent