LETTER: Help keep our city clean

Dear Citizens of Demopolis,

We, at Demopolis Public Works, understand what it takes to keep our city clean. We need your help in this big endeavor.

Our goal is to reach out to local businesses, citizens and churches to help encourage cleanliness and discourage littering in Demopolis. We challenge you to take a proactive role in your section of our city. It will take all of us working together to bring a community awareness to this ongoing issue, by combining our efforts this will increase community pride and unity throughout our city.

We know it is impossible to stop people from littering, but with an ongoing effort this will decrease the debris that is making our city look dirty. Let’s improve Demopolis together one street at a time. It’s hard work but with community effort nothing is impossible.

If you have questions on how you can assist with your church, business or civic group, contact me at Demopolis Public Works, phone 334-289-3879.

Keep it Clean in 2015!


Mike Baker

Demopolis Public Works Director