Leadership Marengo, YOUth Lead visit Montgomery


Leadership Marengo and YOUth LEAD members traveled to Montgomery on Tuesday, March 5, to attend the BlackBelt Regional Leadership State Government Day.

Marengo County joined Selma-Dallas, Clarke Co, Lowndes Co, Wilcox, and Perry Counties for a morning session and lunch at the RSA Plaza Terrace.

The group heard from Ron Sparks (Director-Alabama Rural Development Office), Bea Forniss (Division Chief-Economic and Community Affairs), Young Boozer (State Treasurer) and several other state leaders.

After lunch, the Marengo County group visited the State House to observe government at work.

From the observation balcony in the House of Representatives, the group watched the filibustering on the floor as discussions continued about the recent Education Bill.

They ended the day by touring the beautiful, historic State Capitol.

Those attending were Clarke Kerby, Alfred Padilla, Brenda Tuck, Rebecca Hasty, Lisa Pickel, Morgan Nelson, Luke Massey, Milton Jackson, Jason Pruett, Sherron Brown, J.D. Barnes, Leigh Averett, Jimbo Graves, Jessie Smith, Michael Mullins, Jeff Laduron, Hester Brown, Christian Corbitt, Noah Long, Houston Davis, Cedric Cooks, Jarvis Edwards, Fallon Martin, Madelyn Coats, Talacy Hines, Anna Camille Manning, Christian Troupe, Hope Moore, Savannah Williams and Meghan Wright. Attending but not pictured: Councilman Bill Meador, Jenn Tate, Kathryn Friday and Catherine Meador,