Kirkpatrick’s Christmas card campaign to reach 1,600 soldiers

By Karen Lashley

67031_696236787062216_1692074720_nRichard Kirkpatrick is a man whose ninety years of life have been spent faithfully serving others.

He served his country during World War II. He has served his wife Doris and their family for over sixty years. He served his company as an engineer at US Steel. He has served his church as a Deacon and in countless other ways.

He has served his community by designing and supervising construction of two Habitat for Humanity homes.

Through all these years of service one cause has always been closest to his heart; those who have served and are serving in the armed forces of the United States.

He is very active in the local VFW post and a few years ago he felt the need to reach out, in a special way, to those on active duty, especially in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. He asked the members of his church, First Presbyterian in Demopolis to provide Christmas cards with a personal message of gratitude to the troops.

The first year a couple of hundred cards were collected and mailed to military chaplains for distribution to the soldiers.

This year, thanks to his perseverance and a very effective e-mail and internet campaign directed by Elaine Carr, over 1,600 cards have been collected from schools, churches and individuals in hopes that the Christmas season will be a little brighter for our troops serving so far from home. And every envelope will be personally addressed, “To a Brave Soldier,” by Dick and Doris.