Humane Society, volunteer pilot help save ‘Bigbee’

Bigbee Humane Society had one of the biggest days in their history of rescue on Friday, May 29 when they received a call regarding a puppy found in a rural area of Marengo County. Since there is not a county shelter, Bigbee Humane Society was the only contact for Marengo County.

Bigbee Humane Society accepted the puppy because another rescue was willing to help them. The dog was taken to Demopolis Animal Clinic Thursday morning. The injuries were much more severe than what they originally had thought.



The dog would not be making his transport ride Friday morning. Bigbee, as he was named, had a dislocated hip, a crack in the ball of his other hip joint, both of his hind legs were broken as well as both of his feet.

Bigbee Humane Society is not equipped to handle injures such as this, so their volunteers worked tirelessly to find a placement for baby Bigbee. He was going to need some major surgeries and around the clock care.

Prayers were answered Friday morning when Bigbee Humane Society got a call that a pilot was flying from Tampa, Fla., that afternoon to pick up Bigbee. Some of the Bigbee volunteers met the plane at Demopolis Airport to deliver Bigbee for his freedom ride.

He will be seeing an orthopedic specialist to operate on all of his injures.

“This by far was one of the happiest days we have had for Bigbee Humane Society,” Whitney Niehoff said.

Bigbee Humane Society operates solely on donations, fundraisers, and revenue brought in by their thrift store located on North Strawberry Street. In 2015, they have placed 58 dogs in forever homes already.

“Nothing this big has ever happened for Bigbee Humane Society before,” said volunteer Cindy McDonald.

Bigbee Humane Society volunteers Cindy McDonald, Whitney Niehoff and Donna McPherson with Bigbee.

Bigbee Humane Society volunteers Cindy McDonald, Whitney Niehoff and Donna McPherson with Bigbee.

“Last week Bigbee Humane Society managed to find rescue commitments for every dog at Linden City Pound, and we thought that was big,” Niehoff said.

The Society saved a mama dog, her seven babies, two male dogs, and two female puppies that were facing euthanasia.

“City Pounds are not equipped to house dogs long term, so we were happy to step in and help. The City of Linden could not have been happier for the assistance,” Niehoff said.

Bigbee Humane Society is run by six volunteers who work hard to provide the best care for their dogs until they can find forever homes. They have 60 kennels, and they are always filled to capacity because once a dog is adopted, three more are waiting to be helped.

Bigbee Humane Society is a no-kill shelter, so if it takes years to place the dog then they are committed to caring for the animal until they are adopted.

“We believe every dog deserves a chance at a loving home,” volunteer Martha Ellis said.