Game Check new requirement for hunters

The Alabama Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries will initiate the Game Check program for the 2013–14 hunting season. Game Check will require all deer and turkey hunters, both licensed and exempt, to report all deer (i.e., bucks and does) and turkeys harvested in Alabama.

All deer and turkey hunters will still be required to have a Harvest Record in their possession while hunting and be required to fill it out prior to moving the deer or turkey. Following completion of the harvest record, hunters will then be required to report all deer and turkeys harvested within 24 hours of killing the deer or turkey.

Harvests can be reported via the Outdoor Alabama app for iPhone and Droid smartphones, ADCNR’s website (, or by phone (1-800-888-7690).

When a hunter reports their deer kill to Game Check, they will provide their hunting license number, the county where the deer was killed, the sex of the deer, and whether the deer was killed on public or private property. Information from harvested turkeys reported through the Game Check process includes hunting license number, county, public or private land, and adult or jake.

The hunter will be issued a verification number at the time they report their harvest. The verification number must then be recorded on the harvest record and must stay in the hunter’s possession.