Exclusive: RockTenn’s new Turbine Generator (gallery)

Demopolis – RockTenn’s Demopolis Mill received a new Siemens 42.5 MW (MegaWatt) steam-driven turbine generator at approximately 10PM Friday night. The generator and accompanying trailer were unloaded from a barge on Saturday morning at River City Industries. The generator weighs in at just under 219,000 pounds. The crane used to lift the generator is capable of lifting 800,000 pounds when stationed on land. However, the crane remained on a barge where it is capable of lifting 400,000 pounds. The boom on the crane is just shy of 200 feet long. The barge on which the crane resided was partially filled with water to serve as a counterweight when the generator was lifted.  The trailer that hauls the generator has eight sets of eight wheels for a total of 64 wheels. The tractor that pulls the trailer requires two 20,000 pound counterweights on its’ rear axles in order to have enough traction to pull the trailer when the generator is loaded.