DPD warning of phone “Microsoft” scam

The Demopolis Police Department is warning citizens about a scam that has found success across the country. According to DPD Chief Tommie Reese, the scam involves individuals making phone calls and claiming to be from Microsoft.

“They will tell you that your computer is sending information to a Microsoft server indicating that something is wrong with it or that you may have a virus. If you stay on the line with them (I recommend just hanging up), they will direct you to go to your computer and bring up the task manager,” a press release issued by DPD said. “Once you’re in the task manager, they will have you to click on the Processes tab, and tell you that the tasks which are running are the cause of your problems. Once you’re convinced of this, they will direct you to a company called itecAlert.”

From there, scammers convince victims to download software that will ultimately grant offenders remote access to the computer.

“When this is done, they will remote in, tinker around, install, and remove stuff. You will then be told to purchase their services to keep your computer running smoothly They will try to sell you one of their residential packages, ranging from $75 to $159.99 per month on your credit or debit card. If you can’t afford that price, you will be offered a lifetime package for $149.99 per computer,” the release indicated.

Those seeking more information or who believe they may have been contacted by the scammers are encouraged to contact the DPD.