DPD to host SWAT training

Demopolis is hosting a training class for tactical officers the week of  Nov. 10-14.

Police and Sheriff’s departments from around the State of Alabama will be undergoing a state certified SWAT Team Training Course at the Demopolis Police Headquarters and several other areas within the city and county.

Demopolis Chief of Police Tommie Reese said officers would undergo live training exercises, including searching buildings and working hostage situations.

Reese said bringing this week-long session to Demopolis will help defray costs and helpful bring some revenue to our local economy because some of the officers will stay in local hotels and eat at local restaurants.

Of course, one of the side effects of living in a small town and holding such sessions is the alarm that can be caused when the general public sees throngs of officers rushing into a building with guns drawn.

“Should you see officers outside, running down the streets, wearing camouflage gear, don’t be alarmed. It’s only a training exercise,” Reese said. “We just don’t want anyone to see what’s going on and panic. Everything is fine.”

Those with concerns or questions are encouraged to contact the Demopolis Police Department.