DPD arrest suspects in Walmart purse snatching attempt

lakecoleeutseyOn Dec. 4, Demopolis Police Department officers responded to a call at Walmart in reference to an attempted purse snatching. Officers spoke to the victim who said while she was putting bags into the trunk of her car in the parking lot, a tall skinny black male came up and started trying to snatch her purse. The victim screamed and that is when the black male let go of the purse and ran to a red in color Crown Victoria vehicle and drove west on U.S. Highway 80.

The following suspects have been arrested as a result of the investigation featured on social media and news media. All three suspects have been arrested for Robbery Second Degree. They are currently awaiting bond in the Marengo County Detention Center.

The suspects are Kamayi Cole, 19, of Meridian, Miss., Shacarol Eutsey, 22, of York and Darrell Lake, 21 of York.

DPD chief Tommie Reese extends his thanks to the public for its assistance in resolving the case.