Demopolis PTA raising funds for new playground equipment

The Demopolis PTA recently kicked off its fundraiser for the fall 2015 semester at U.S. Jones Elementary School. The goal of this semester’s fundraiser is to upgrade the playground equipment at the school.

“Our goal is to raise the majority of the money to fund this project,” said Betsy Stephens, PTA president.USJ_option1 copy

The project includes new playground equipment, a concrete pad around the blue wall on the playground, and a 900-foot walking path around the perimeter of the playground, allowing students to enjoy outside play regardless of ground conditions.

As part of the fundraiser, students from U.S. Jones are selling gift items, wrapping paper, cookie dough, and a variety of candy. As part of the fundraiser, the homeroom class selling the most items in each grade will receive an ice cream sundae party, as well as extra time in P.E. class. Individual students selling more than 18 items will win a limousine ride and a pizza party.

“The current playground has a lot of fitness items that require a lot of upper body strength, so we wanted to install something that can be more play and less work while the students are at recess,” said Stephens. “The potential units have a tunnel and slides of multiple heights, so children of varying heights, ages, and confidence levels are all able to play on or with the equipment.”

The fundraiser runs through Oct. 2, at which point the group will be able to determine how much more funding will be required to reach their goal.

USJ-option2 copy“In total, we’re looking at about a $52,000 project,” said Stephens. “The playground equipment with volunteer installation will be $30,000, the concrete pad will be about $4,800, and the walking path will be about $17,000.”

Anyone wishing to purchase items from the fundraiser should contact any U.S. Jones student, or visit and enter school ID 4160552. Alternatively, donations can be made at the U.S. Jones office or mailed to the school at the address below:

U.S. Jones Elementary School


715 East Jackson Street

Demopolis, AL 36732