Demopolis Police Department issues Halloween safety tips

The Demopolis Police Department issued its annual Halloween safety advisory Monday.

“We encourage children to go trick-or-treating from 5 to 9 p.m. at the latest,” said Demopolis Chief of Police Tommie Reese. “We want everybody to have fun trick-or-treating, and we want them to do it safely.”

Reese added that the police will be out watching for vandals or others who want to attack other people’s property.

“There will be zero tolerance for pranks and vandalism,” he said. “Any juveniles or adults, who destroy other people’s property, throw eggs, water balloons, bricks or bottles and so forth will be arrested and prosecuted by the law. The police department will be out in full force to make sure the city is safe and to make sure everyone has a good time without getting hurt.”

  • (Ord. No. 1987-5, 6-18-87)
  • 14-5. – Possessing water balloons; throwing projectiles.

(a)It shall be unlawful for any person to have in such person’s possession any water balloons.

(b)It shall be unlawful for any person to throw rocks, bricks, eggs, bottles and any other object being used as a projectile.

(Ord. No. 1979-3, 3-1-79)

Halloween is a fun time of year when the children dress up and enjoy candy and treats from the neighborhood. The Demopolis Police Department provides the following safety tips to help make this Halloween an enjoyable one

  • Don’t eat candy before you get home; let your parents check it.
  • Children should accept treats only at the doorway.
  • Never enter a stranger’s home.
  • Never invite children to enter your home.
  • Children should never accept rides from strangers.
  • Children should never take short cuts through backyards or alleyways.
  • Set a time limit for your children to be out on Halloween night.
  • Children should travel in groups of 3-5 people.
  • Adults should escort children while they trick-or-treat.
  • Adult escorts and children should carry flashlights if possible.
  • All fruit should be discarded unless you know the source is safe.
  • Keep pets inside your home, or another safe place, on Halloween night.
  • Children should walk and never run during trick-or-treating.
  • Parents should know what route their children are taking within the neighborhood.
  • All costumes should be made of light colored, fire-proof, preferably reflectorized material.
  • Props such as toy guns or swords should be made of pliable material.
  • Realistic replica firearms should NEVER be used.
  • Masks should only be worn if they are properly fitted and provide unobstructed breathing and visibility.
  • Children should always use sidewalks and not the streets for walking.
  • Children should look in all directions before crossing the street.