Demopolis has new orthopaedic surgeon

Demopolis’ medical community has a new face as Dr. Bryan King is now keeping office hours within the city as well as working with Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital.

King, who works with Tuscaloosa-based Dr. Timothy Bassett and SouthEastern Spine & Joint Specialists, sees patients in Demopolis from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. each Friday at his office in the Keen Building at 1355 Hwy 80 West.

“I specialize in adult reconstruction, which is basically degenerative joint disease and joint replacement. Hips, knees and shoulders,” King, who previously spent two years at the highly acclaimed Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, said.

A New Orleans, La. native, King’s journey into medicine was not always headed toward orthopaedics.

“I started at Xavier University in New Orleans. I went to graduate school at University of New Orleans and at University of Michigan. I did my Ph. D. at University of Michigan in biomedical engineering. And then I decided to go to medical school at that point at the behest of my mentor,” King said. “I thought I was going to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. Then, at the last minute, a mentor of mine introduced me to orthopaedics and I decided to kind of change gears.”

King pointed to the high success rate of orthopaedics as being very rewarding.

“I like taking care of injured patients as opposed to sick patients. I like to get people better,” King said. “Unfortunately, in medicine, most people remain ill and there is much more morbidity associated with medicine than with surgeries, particularly orthopedic surgery. I decided to go into that. I just like to see people get better.”

King’s capabilities cover all ages and orthopaedic problems. And, the doctor noted, his association with SouthEastern Spine & Joint allows him to make the full range of orthopaedic care available to Demopolis patients.

“It’s pretty much anything,” he said of the orthopedic ailments he and his staff can treat. “Although our resources here at this office may be mildly limited, if a patient needs orthopaedic care, no matter what it is, we can provide them treatment either by transferring them to Tuscaloosa, where the scope is unlimited or whatever.”

Those seeking to set up an appointment with King can do so by calling 334-289-4445. King will also be performing orthopaedic surgery at Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital.