Demopolis City Schools to release early Friday

Demopolis City Schools are set to release at 1 p.m. Friday in view of the high school football team’s trip to Mobile to face St. Paul’s in the first round of the Class 5A state playoffs that evening.

The practice is one the system employed twice in the month of September as the DHS team traveled to Saraland and Citronelle.

“We’re releasing early to allow for safe travel time,” Demopolis City Schools Superintendent Dr. Al Griffin said of the early dismissal schedule during a September interview. “Your athletes and your band, they need to leave early anyway. Looking at it, logistically, if we stay in school, by the time everything is clear, it is 3:30. That is not ample, safe time to get to Saraland or Citronelle on Friday afternoon in traffic. You’re already competing with people going back and forth to the beach. It’s best just to go ahead and release early. Let’s not alter our lunch schedule. We’ll release as soon as the lunch waves are complete.”

Tickets for the game are currently on sale at Demopolis High School and are set for the state mandated price of $8.